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November 24th, 2015
Uglydoll and Loonacy make the perfect match


Pretty Ugly, LLC owner of the Uglydoll brand is pleased to announce its recent partnership with Looney Labs, creators of Fluxx, Just Desserts and the fast paced matching game Loonacy. “As an artist driven brand, Uglydoll maintains a diverse and colorful art portfolio, which translates well into new product categories. We are so excited to be partnering with Looney Labs to create the Uglydoll Loonacy card game, the perfect match.” said Drew Matilsky, managing partner of Pretty Ugly LLC.

“The Uglydoll collection is the perfect fit for Loonacy, and we are excited to be including eight brand new characters! Uglydolls are adorable, and have taken over our office and our hearts,” stated Andy Looney, chief creative officer of Looney Labs.

David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim created the first Uglydoll hand-sewn plush toy in 2001. Since the inception of the first character, Wage, who David drew on a love letter to Sun-Min, Uglydoll has grown into an entire universe of characters, stories, and products for all ages.

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November 18th, 2015
Vance Kitira begins community project

Vance Kitira has always considered himself a forester and the foundation of the company was built upon his commitment to bring the beauty of nature to his customers through his products, therefore, Vance Kitira International will commence an ... Continue Reading »

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