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July 28th, 2014
Suds Bar Soap Still Going Strong in Dover

Dover, DE – Kim Aigle is a bar soap kind of gal.

The 28-year-old former Brooklynite, now Delawearean, has turned her love of a bathroom staple into a successful online business and brick-and-mortar shop in Dover. Suds Bar Soap and Essentials is an artisanal soap, bath and body shop where 85 percent to 88 percent of its stock is handmade by the owners and everything is all natural and practically all products are vegan-friendly.

Aigle, who designs, makes and markets the soaps herself, built the business from the ground up, bar of soap, by bar of soap. Those colorful bricks of cleanliness, with fragrances like Caramel Musk and Lavender Lemongrass, are now stacked atop each other in the Suds Bar’s Loockerman Street location, which welcomes customers with an old-fashioned bathtub on display.

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