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July 28th, 2014
Local Couple’s Business Receives National Attention

Packable Pails, collapsible beach pails, were featured on the NBC Today Show July 3rd with the host of Gadget Nation Steven Greenberg , Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee.

Packable Pails were invented by Tom and Melissa Reed after a trip to the beach with their young son. Melissa Reed states, “We were excited to show our son the ocean. We had planned for everything to go to the beach right after landing in Myrtle Beach. When we got there he asked for some toys to play in with in the sand. It was that moment that the idea for Packable Pails was developed.”

Packable Pails are great for making sandcastles, collecting seashells, the backyard sandbox, serving snacks (food safe) and more. Easily pack in your beach bag or suitcase and never miss a chance to PLAY in the SAND! Packable Pails will soon be available through major retailers throughout the United States.

Also available exclusively from Packable Pails is the official Bucket Fillers bucket. The Reeds became familiar with the Bucket Fillers book series and mission from their son attending a Bucket Filler school at Prairie Ridge in Cedar Rapids. Bucket Fillers is an internationally known, award-winning book series with over one MILLION books in print, in eight different languages, in countries all around the world. The lessons teach people of all ages that when they fill a bucket, they fill their own in return.

Reed stated, “The Bucket Fillers bucket is a great visual to practice Bucket Filling in the classroom, at home, Sunday school or other group setting, only available through Packable Pails.”

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