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Three Brilliant Marketing Books to Help You Save More by Carolyn Howard Johnson: Carolyn Howard-Johnson puts nearly three decades of retail experience plus oodles more in the fields of journalism, public relations, publishing, and marketing into her Survive and Thrive series of books.

Ultimate Guide to Specialty Retail: Ultimate Guide to Specialty Retail is a 277-page book complete with detailed information and step-by-step guidelines for starting a cart or kiosk business. From determining the dynamic retail concept to marketing and sales strategies, Ultimate Guide to Specialty Retail is the only comprehensive resource for beginning specialty retail entrepreneurs.

GIFT SHOP Magazine Subscription: GIFT SHOP is for and about you–the gift retailer. It’s your one-stop resource for information, products, ideas and inspiration. Every issue of GIFT SHOP is jam packed with tips and ideas to increase your bottom line. Print or Digital

GIFT SHOP Magazine Back Issues: Did you miss an issue of GIFT SHOP Magazine? Do you need an extra copy? We have back issues available!

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