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July 27th, 2015
Ohio Wholesale launches new website
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As phase one of a multiphase technology project, Ohio Wholesale Inc. launched a new website ( on July 23, 2015. The website launch kicks off an effort to provide customers with more ways to support their storefronts when and where they want.

“We do our best to recognize the needs of our customers and react to them as quickly as possible,” said Joshua Koncz, President, Ohio Wholesale, Inc. “Last year, we combined the shipping and billing of OWI (Ohio Wholesale) and sister company KCC (Kennedy’s Country Collection) and re-merchandised all of our showrooms by combining the product. This year we combined the two companies’ items via our website and are providing the tools to help our customers get the products and information they need when they need it.”

Phase two of the project will encompass even more website changes but will also incorporate the new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software that the website is just a small part of. Once completed, the project will tie in all inventory management, catalogs, accounting, and back-office systems to provide both customers and OWI employees with real-time product and order information regardless of when, where, or how a sales order was created.

With the July release, product information, image gallery and web order management are the key features. Upon completion of the project, customers will be able to view order history, easily reorder items and copy previous orders, regardless of where or when they shopped. Customers will also be able to download key product information such as UPC codes and high-res images directly from the shopping cart of the new website so they can easily use them with their own point-of-sale systems.

Completion of the project is scheduled for later this year. More information about Ohio Wholesale can be found at the new website,

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July 10th, 2015
Honorees of ICON HONORS 2015 announced
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The sixth-annual ICON HONORS celebrated the best in global innovation as top achievers and superior achievements were recognized on an important night in the home and gift industry. As a centerpiece of The Atlanta International Gift & Home ... Continue Reading »

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