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July 21st, 2014
Boxelder Brings American Made Products For the Month of Independence

Sanford, FL – uly is the month of our nation’s independence and local business, Boxelder, is proud to be an old-fashioned American gift store. Boxelder came to Sanford about a year ago and the business aims to provide a wide arrangement of American-made products.

They focus on selling gift items for all occasions, including candles, body care products, stationary cards, and gourmet pantry items. As part of the old-fashioned theme of the store, they offer to gift-wrap everything for free.

Boxelder Owner Kyle Perry said, “Something that’s sort of unique in terms of what Boxelder does and something that I’d sort of set out to do is be an old fashioned gift store. Which means that when you come in no matter what you buy, it’s wrapped for free. You can get a gift bag or have it wrapped in paper.”

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July 19th, 2014
Rockwall Cash Mob
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Rockwall, TX – Starting this August, on the third Thursday of each month, Rockwall residents will rally together and form a mob—for a good cause. Rockwall will officially begin participating in the national Cash Mob phenomenon in an ... Continue Reading »

July 18th, 2014
Taylor Made

Oak Lawn, TX – Taylor Garrett can’t get away from bow ties. The distinctive neckcessory became his signature sartorial statement when he was on The A-List Dallas, the Logo network reality show about life among local queerlebrities. But ... Continue Reading »

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